How it works

Do you want your paper, essay or thesis to cheat Turnitin or any so-called plagiarism checker (, SafeAssign and so on)? This is the only page on the Internet that can actually help you. It works wonderfully with any format (.doc, .ppt, .pdf etc.) and any content, regardless of the word/page count. You won't have to change or paraphrase anything!

You can also ask us to make the bibliography detectable.

See also Turnitin's frequently asked questions.

Can I submit a paper that was already submitted by someone else or myself before the deadline?

Sure! Every time you ask us to produce a new file, you can resubmit any old document, because Turnitin will not be able to recognize the new file.

Can I send a Microsoft Word or PowerPoint document?

Yes, you can send any file.

Security and confidentiality

All your material will be kept strictly confidential and automatically deleted. It will never be stored in any of the following databases:, Viper/, SafeAssign, Grammarly,, PlagScan, Copyscape, Urkund and so forth.

Anyone can beat Turnitin on Windows, Mac or Linux without being caught!

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Word or PDF documents

free delivery
free detectable bibliography and cover sheet.
free delivery (no fees).
$10 multiple encryption. This is a very customized service that allows you to resubmit a protected file that you have already ordered and submitted to Turnitin. Unless your documents falls into this category, you don't usually need this service.

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